Critical Reviews Of Spin Gym _ A Forbes Riley Product

Published: 11th March 2011
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America's fitness Innovator" is the title given to Forbes Riley because of her determination and passion for coming up with new unique ways for people to get and then stay in shape through diet and exercise. Today we are going to take her latest product The Spin Gym apart and see what makes it so special, if it is.

Stuck in traffic, between appointments at the office, waiting to pick up the kids or just about anywhere you can imagine you can use the Spin Gym. According to the latest exercise news you are better off to exercise for a few minutes, then allow your heart rate to come down and then do another set if you want to. This especially helps your heart.

This type of strenuous exercise is what the SpinGym excels in. Between appointments at the office schedule in 5 minutes with this versatile exercise machine and you'll eliminate that mid day drowsiness and keep your body looking good.

All of the infomercials I have seen for this product show using it on the arms but actually it does way more than just tone up the arms. There is an optional bonus called "Cardio and More" that takes the Machine to new levels of exercise and strength training.

Some fitness guru's look at the small size and laugh it off as an exercise toy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It's amazing that light weight small machine can do more for your body than those stainless gigantic machines cost many thousands of dollars. Exercise when you want, where you want and yet it cost less than a monthly membership at your gym.

When I do reviews I always try to point out the bad as well as the good of any product. The bad points are that you won't be able to show off at the gym if you have the time to go to the gym. If you took the spin Gym to the gym they would probably laugh at you for not being serious about exercise, but then the last laugh would be on them when they see your tight, toned body after a few weeks with the spinGym.

Sometime great things do come in small packages!


At the authors web site Spin Gym Reviews the discussion continues about this personal exercise powerhouse with more information and also how to get this machine for your own arsenal of exercise equipment.

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